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Stay at the most scenic stays at our destinations

Make your travel experience more authentic by staying at places on the lap of nature. We have selected some great stays for you which can be combined with other adventure activities accordingly.


Choose from the best camping options

With various type of tents ranging from affordable to Luxury Swiss tents we offer great camping locations with best available facilities. Explore the camping offers below.

Great Destinations. Authentic Experiences. Best Homestays.

Premium Stays

As the idea of the transactional acommodation recedes, the sensorial, immersive stay is becoming the key to the future, where all the senses work holistically to deliver a top guest experience – and an authentic way to experience a destination.

The demands of the contemporary guest are varied and complex – so much so that hotels have to remain agile and flexible to keep up with them. Functionality alone is not enough to attract and retain loyal guests. Therefore, hotels are becoming places where the quality of experience, rather than the provision of services, is the most important factor.

Our selection have a scenic touch associated with, just go through the list and see for yourself.